Sea Swimming at Swanpool Beach

    July 27, 2016
    Sea swimming at Swanpool beach

    To mark the hottest day of the year, I skipped working for a dip in the ocean!

    I know, what a rebel right? But it was too hot to resist!

    After a sweaty hot Monday stuck indoors, I messaged Sam (Strawberry Squeeze) to see if she fancied a swim the next day. She lives just in walking distance to one of the South coast’s most beautiful beaches – Swanpool.

    I know, I’m super jealous too.

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    It was actually pretty wavy when we arrived at the beach, which rarely happens at Swanpool and the surrounding beaches! Perfect for bodyboarding – not so perfect for all the people who had optimistically brought their paddle boards and kayaks.

    The waves were evidently causing havoc with the sea bed too – as you can see from the photos, the water was less than crystal clear like it had been the day before. My camera was pretty much useless underwater, and we both ended up with hair and bikinis full of seaweed… lush.

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Nevertheless, we enjoyed a long swim to help us cool off from the heat of the day. I’d never realised there were so many little coves around the bay from Swanpool, but now I’m excited to bring our kayaks down to explore them!

    Apart from cooling off from the hottest day of the year, there are so many wonderful reasons to head out for a sea swim this Summer – Sam even wrote up a few on her blog!

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Once we got out I wandered around to take some photos, but alas, the clouds came out! This is what I’m talking about crazy Cornish weather. How can it be the hottest day of the year and simultaneously be dull and grey?

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Sea swimming at Swanpool

    Nevermind, we had a lovely cool swim in the sun anyway!

    You can watch a quick vlog of our swim below (it’s literally just footage of the water with some super ‘zen’ music put to it, but hey, if you feel like dozing off this might help!):

    How did you spend the hottest day of the year?

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