The Greatest Medicine is Fish & Chips on The Beach

    August 24, 2016
    Fish & Chips on The Beach

    Last Tuesday we grabbed the last of the sunshine with an evening at Portreath beach.

    You may have seen me mention about things being a little stressful for us at the moment, but after a miserable couple of weeks we decided we wouldn’t let it keep us down and that we needed to just live our life.

    And so after work we popped down the road to grab some delicious comfort food – fish & chips from Cousin Jacks, obvs. Despite being a little concerned by the strong winds, we drove down to Portreath to eat our dinner and watch the sun set.

    Portreath beach

    Portreath beach

    Portreath beach

    I’m not sure what happened but as we reached the beach the wind magically disappeared, and the sea was the calmest and flattest I’ve ever seen it on the North coast!

    At a steady 18 degree heat until 9pm, it really was the most perfect evening for munching on chips and watching the ocean. Exactly what we needed after a truly crappy fortnight.

    Portreath beach


    Portreath beach

    Portreath beach

    The light was gorgeous as well; the sky had a slight cloudy haze which made everything glow golden as the sun set over the cliffs. I know I always say I wish I lived on the South coast instead of the North coast (spoilt Cornish girl alert), but in this moment I felt pretty contented – how can you can complain about this view?

    For a peak sunset evening in August, I was surprised at how empty the beach actually was at 7pm. It seemed to be just us locals; the paddlers, the rowers, the dog walkers, and the fish & chip-ers. When it’s empty like this is always makes me excited for Autumn and having the beaches to ourselves and the dogs once again!

    Portreath beach

    Being near the sea always makes me feel better, but the combination of snuggled up sunset watching, comfort food and the ocean was a win. It certainly made us feel more positive again!


    Where do you go when life’s getting you down?

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