Caring For Your Feet & Body with Rebalance (+ What is Reflexology?)

    October 21, 2016
    Rebalance Organic Reflexology in Falmouth, Cornwall

    I knew Reflexology was something to do with feet, but that was about as far as my knowledge stretched.

    So when Melanie from Rebalance Organic Reflexology in Falmouth offered me a personalised treatment I honestly had no idea what to expect. I read through the her website to brush up on my knowledge, and Melanie kindly filled in the gaps when I went to visit.

    Rebalance Reflexology in Falmouth, Cornwall

    So what is Reflexology?

    First and foremost – it’s not just a fancy foot massage!

    Don’t worry I thought it was too. In actual fact, it’s a type of therapy that involves touch and pressure techniques on different areas of the foot… but why?

    Ancient civilisations in Egypt, India and Asia have been using similar practices for thousands of years in order to improve health and wellbeing. The premise of Reflexology is that there are specific points on the feet and hands that relate to different parts of your body, and if you apply certain pressure techniques to these points, it can help to relax and address imbalances in those corresponding body parts.

    There are other theories about why and how it works, and I love that Melanie has included so much information about this in her FAQ section – so go check that out if you’re interested in learning more!

    Rebalance Reflexology in Falmouth, Cornwall

    My experience

    Melanie welcomed me into her home studio and we went through my pre-consultation form together. It was very thorough and we talked about some of my ongoing health problems and recent stress, before I got settled on the massage chair with my feet propped up ready to begin.

    Rebalance Reflexology in Falmouth, Cornwall

    Let me just say here that the view from the window in the studio is incredible! It looks out over Falmouth harbour, and I could see little boats floating past. It certainly added to the relaxing atmosphere!

    Using all organic oils and balms, Melanie got to work applying her different pressure techniques to the soles and tops of each foot. At first I was worried I would find it ticklish (I’m an extremely ticklish person!) but it really wasn’t at all.

    Rebalance Reflexology in Falmouth, Cornwall

    I closed my eyes and completely relaxed my body, focusing on the sensations in my feet. There were some tender spots that Melanie seemed to pinpoint immediately, and worked through to relax them, and I found it interesting how I felt really different sensations in each foot… not normal apparently but there we go!

    The whole treatment lasted around an hour, and it felt like a luxury to just sit and completely chill for that time. Afterwards, I found myself quite thirsty and a little wobbly on my feet (totally normal side effects!) but feeling soothed for the rest of the day.

    Rebalance Reflexology in Falmouth, Cornwall

    Overall thoughts

    Due to my upbringing with academic/’scientist’ parents (one of which being a biologist and Doctor of genetics) I am a natural skeptic. It’s funny because I absolutely wish I wasn’t! But alas, I have been taught my whole life to thoroughly question everything I’m told.

    However, what I do believe in is the power of relaxation and the mind. I also believe that if a practice has been used for thousands of years and is still being used in many countries throughout the world today, there must be something to it.

    At the end of the day, Reflexology is a holistic therapy; it can’t cure you, and no one is claiming that it can. BUT it can be used as a complimentary treatment alongside medicine, exercise and diet, and people do see results & benefits, and people do feel positive effects from it.

    I’m so grateful to Melanie for such an interesting experience that truly relaxed me and felt amazing! You can book your session at:

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